on our wedding day:: August 2011
I'm Victoria and I'm a curious sort of person. 
I've always wanted to know why, to discover more than just meets the eye. I believe in a beautiful reality and I want to be real. 

I married Dylan on August 6th, 2011. He's my best friend and such a good and kind person. He'd do anything for me.

After our honeymoon, we moved to southern central Oregon where Dylan was to finish up his electrical engineering degree. All our friends and family live a couple hours away, but we go back and visit often.

We live in a cute little bungalow cottage and I delight in making it as cute as possible! Dylan and I both work at the most amazing company. We wear suits and carry briefcases during the week and take day trips and sleep in on the weekends.

I just want to say here and now that my life is far from perfect. I'm horrible at multitasking, I hate folding and putting away the laundry, and my feet and hands sweat constantly. Yup. We just went there. So while I always try to grab a hold of the lovely things in life and dwell on the good, don't think that I live in a little fairy tale bubble.

But its a good, good life you guys.