Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grace is Hard Work...(but shouldn't be)

What if I actually believed Jesus when he said that my sins had been taken care of?

What if I stopped trying to save myself and started believing him when he said it is finished?
I strive and seek and pray I'll turn into a wonderful witness, a beautiful spirit. When really, I want to believe that when Jesus said that all my sins had been washed clean, that maybe, they really were taken care of. But can I believe that? Do I?
Perhaps all my trying is what is keeping me from a deep relationship with Him. I thought it was my sin holding me back, but what if it was me, trying to pay off my own sins?
How strange grace is.
Its much harder for me to love myself than it is to just sit in the grace of his word. To strive is a easy impossibility. To give myself grace is a grueling struggle. How ironic.

Oh, how very much work it is to sit back and let God do the work.

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